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Hi, I'm Kevin, The Father's Coach

My passion and purpose is to bring back the lost art of fatherhood. Discover strategies and tools to lead your family through life.

Kenney Goldsborough

Anyone who chooses to work with Kevin is making an invaluable investment into their lives that will prove to be very fruitful!”

The process of personal development and preparing mentally to go into business is no easy task.  I knew that establishing Relationship Restoration Coaching Services LLC was a goal set before my wife and I that needed to be accomplished and we knew that Kevin had the tools to coach us through that process. Our sessions were extremely impactful and he overdelivered on the service he provided us. He really pushed us, encouraged us, and kept us accountable through our process and for that, we are forever grateful. We emphatically recommend Life by Design Coaching Firm.

Lamont Pierce

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Bringing Back the Lost Art of Fathering
Participating individuals will receive principles that create total success and legacy for years and generations to come.
The fathers will learn how to strategically manage their day, month, year and life.

Strategy Life Session

Life Management Planning for Fathers
$ 149 each participant
  • Assist fathers and all participants in developing their own unique set of objectives . . . starting with one year
or group

Father's Leadership
Breakthrough Course

Practical help for Fathers
$ 299 each participant
  • Re-assess the foundations of your life
  • Discover keys to improving the quality of life in daily, weekly and monthly activities.
  • Think beyond the next 50 years and steward the ideas into fruition to the next generation.
  • Includes 5 sessions and Manual
or group

Fathers Breakthrough
Retreat Weekend

3-day weekend retreat
$ 1500 group rate
  • Brunch and Dinner included
  • Breakthrough sessions
  • Miniature Golf
  • Batting Cages
  • A life-changing experience for your group