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Meet the Coaches; Kevin and Angel Kelley

The Identity Coach. Angel connects women to their purpose which reveals identity and creates wholeness.

Together, they are a powerhouse team of wisdom.

The Father’s Coach. Kevin has the resources and tools navigating men toward successful fathering.

What results can you get with Life by Design?

Restored, Renewed, Reclaimed Identity

Anticipated Change

Recovering the lost art of fathering

Self-Care Solutions

Client Testimonials

“Kevin has enriched my life in so many ways. From the late/early calls on how to better myself as a businessman, father, son, and brother. Instilling a great desire to be great at whatever I’m doing.”
Brandon Thomas
“What can I say about Kevin Kelley is except that he is awesome business mentor who pushes you to discover all that you have inside of you to give to the world! He’s very goal oriented and determined when it comes to helping others succeed in making their dreams a reality. You have helped me in numerous ways in advancing my dream.”
Tera Nesmith
“Kevin has always been supportive in my business and my dreams. He gives inspiration in times of need. He is a great person to talk to.”
Roger Turner
RC Turner Collections

How Does it Work?

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