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  • Time management

    Time Dominion eBook

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    Kevin L. Kelley reveals practical ways for each reader to have dominion over their time. Through this book, professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders in various facets of society will discover keys to improving the quality of life in daily, weekly and monthly activities.

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    Sonship Fathering and the Journey of Becoming

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    Kevin L. Kelley captures the heart and legacy of his father James E.
    Kelley. This project honors 115 years of family, love and wisdom
    personified through the Kelley family. His story of triumph and his
    commitment to overcome his earlier obstacles provides a model of
    strength and a portrait of excellence through overcoming adversity.

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    Boot Camp Identity

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    Boot Camp Identity is a training course designed to Renew, Restore, and Reclaim the participant’s “True Identity” through the following Modules:

    • Born Identity
    • Your Fruit
    • An Identity Crisis
    • Son vs Orphan
    • The Father’s Love Letter
    • The Blessing of a Name Change
    • Identity In Christ

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    Life Management Planning 3 sessions

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    Everyone navigates through life from a set of blue prints. Whether those blue prints are intentional or not we set our focus, chart the course and go for it. These 3 coaching sessions are designed to assist you in developing your own unique blue prints towards a trajectory of prosperity for every aspect of your life.

    Fine Tuning Your Objectives => Discovering Strategies => Maneuvering with Tactic

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